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Introducing A Neighborhood Non-ProfitSeattle Unity welcomes Providence Kamana & Cocreative Culture!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

A wonderful new guest and South Lake Union neighbor, Providence Kamana, recently discovered Seattle Unity, and has been making friends and getting involved, even singing in our Sunday Service! Kamana is also making a difference as the founder and CEO of Cocreative Culture, a non-profit leading the charge in eradicating the school-to-prison pipeline* system in the United States. Through their holistic approaches, Cocreative Culture aims to improve social, economic, and environmental conditions for young people from historically marginalized backgrounds. With a current reach of over 30 families, they are making significant strides towards their mission.

Cocreative Culture's mission is to address the injustices and inequalities of the school-to-prison pipeline system by tackling its root causes. They understand that to bring about lasting change, it is essential to address the social, economic, and environmental factors that contribute to this issue. By adopting a holistic approach, Cocreative Culture is better equipped to disrupt the cycle and create a more equitable society.

One of the core values that Cocreative Culture embraces is a culture of shared humanity. They recognize the interconnectedness of our well-being and believe in the spirit of Ubuntu, which is the idea that we are all connected and that what benefits one person benefits us all. By embracing diversity and promoting inclusion, Cocreative Culture ensures that everyone's voice is valued, respected, and heard. They believe in cross-sector and cross-generational collaboration, understanding the importance of working together to create sustainable change.

Cocreative Culture believes in the power of young-people-led solutions and program planning. They recognize that with the proper community support, young individuals are experts in their own experiences and are uniquely positioned to design, plan, and execute programs and services that work for them. Cocreative Culture empowers young people by involving them in decision-making processes and treating them as equals on issues that affect them. Their commitment to ending the system of ageism ensures that young people are given the respect and autonomy they deserve to thrive.

Creating a safe and inclusive environment is at the heart of Cocreative Culture's values. They strive to foster positive change by providing a supportive space for young individuals to express themselves and become agents of change in their communities. By ensuring that young people are actively involved in the design and implementation of programs and services, Cocreative Culture empowers them to make a difference.

Providence Kamana, as the founder and CEO of Cocreative Culture, has dedicated his efforts to creating a world where young people feel empowered. Through their holistic approaches, they are working towards eradicating the school-to-prison pipeline system and improving the lives of young individuals from historically marginalized backgrounds. With their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and young people-led solutions, Cocreative Culture is a beacon of hope for a more equitable future.

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