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Meet our Team

At Cocreative Culture, our team is comprised of dedicated problem solvers who are passionate about making a difference in their community. With our diverse skill set and community-minded approach, we are committed to building a brighter future for the children we serve.


Founder & CEO

Providence Kamana, is the passionate founder and CEO of Cocreative Culture, a dynamic organizer dedicated to stopping the school-to-prison pipeline. Drawing from his rich ancestral heritage as the grandson of King Matonda VIII and his own experience of being born during the 1994 genocide in Eastern Congo, Providence is driven to carry the burden of restorative and Ubuntu leadership passed down by his grandfather.


Since 2016, Providence has been tirelessly supporting under-resourced youth and their families in King County, Pierce County, Snohomish, and the surrounding areas. With a focus on preventing youth from falling into the prison pipeline, he is a certified WA credible messenger and leverages his exceptional skills as a people connector, mentor artist, and relationship builder to make a lasting impact.


Providence has a strong background in facilitation and training. He has extensive experience leading conversations, discussions, and community dialogues with youth, employing a culturally sensitive approach that ensures inclusivity and understanding. He is well-versed in shaping organizational policies and possesses a keen understanding of metrics and benchmarks to measure and monitor strategic changes and organizational goals.


With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Musicology and Ethnomusicology from the National Institute of Arts in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Providence is not only an accomplished social services professional but also an exceptional artist. He is the co-founder of the African Sport Federation and has been recognized as the Best Independent Artist/Social Worker at the Happawards 2019. Additionally, he has been honored as the Best Vocalist at the Airtel Trace Music Star TV Show in 2015 and was the founder of the Cali Mass Choir, a family program re-engagement initiative for war victims through arts and music in 2014. His musical talents have also been acknowledged with the award for Best Lead Vocalist at the Elanga Festival in 2012.


With over eight years of experience serving BIPOC youth and families, mentoring and training talented staff members across King County, Providence is a seasoned social services artist, intervention specialist, community leader, and organizer. He is a flexible professional with a deep understanding of community organizing, program management, implementation, monitoring, and relationship building. Providence's unwavering commitment lies in serving Washignton communities, particularly those that have been historically marginalized and underserved. Through Cocreative Culture, he envisions a future where the school-to-prison pipeline is dismantled, and all youth have access to the resources they need to thrive and succeed.

Providence Kamana

Cocreative Founder & CEO 


Anthony Maurice Davis

Anthony Maurice Davis is a dedicated and invaluable member of the Cocreative Culture staff and leadership team. With a wealth of experience in both the non-profit and private sectors, Anthony brings a unique skill set that contributes to the success of our programs. His unwavering commitment to the Spirit of UBUNTU and mediation is evident in his love and compassion for the community.


Driven by the vision of UBUNTU, Anthony is determined to put an end to the School to Prison Pipeline. He strongly opposes any form of humiliation, mistreatment, torture, or diminishment of individuals and believes in passing on the good to future generations. Anthony has made significant contributions to the community, particularly during the pandemic, where he volunteered to distribute household essentials and provide assistance with feeding those in need.


Having traveled extensively throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii, Anthony has witnessed firsthand the urgent need for the UBUNTU program in Seattle and surrounding areas. He approaches every endeavor with a positive attitude, drawing inspiration from his family's history of leaders. Anthony's passion and dedication shine through in all his roles, including as a chef, advocate, youth activist, musician, songwriter, and producer.


Anthony Maurice Davis is affiliated with notable organizations such as Bless IT, ABA, Midas Touch, Junior Achievement, P.A.C.E, Black Achievers, BCCCDS, BCC, PAW Incorporated, and The Ancient Robotz. Through his various affiliations, he continues to make a significant impact in promoting positive change and empowering individuals within the community.

Anthony Maurice Davis

Board President 


Edna Langali

With over 15 years of IT experience and an MSC Hons in Computer Information Systems, Edna is a seasoned professional. Her roles as an Identity Management Support Specialist, AssistantManager, Project Lead, System Administrator, and Desktop Support Analyst spanning two continents highlight her exceptional leadership, multicultural and multifaceted skills.


Edna's skills include project management, process documentation, policy interpretation and integration among many others. She is adaptable, analytical, and self-motivated. Beyond her role in IT, Edna directs Ngasu LLC, aiding addiction recovery, and founded Zawadi Charities for homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals. She's also active in the Couples Ministry, Stewards, and Administration Leadership team at House of Glory Church. Edna's volunteer roles span from Executive in church board, several parent/teachers association school boards, to leadership in a corporate office christian fellowship.


Academically, she graduated Magna Cum Laude and received a couple of Academic Deans Awards during her MSCIS Program. Despite her busy schedule, she enjoys spending time with her family, worship music, and gardening. Edna Langali's multifaceted leadership, technical prowess, and dedication make her an exceptional Cocreative Culture board member.

Edna Langali

Board Secretary 


Esther Nzabanita

Esther, a Program Manager at Cocreative Culture, embodies the philosophy of Ubuntu in her commitment to empowering young individuals. 


Her passion is deeply rooted in nurturing and supporting youth to pursue and achieve their aspirations. She firmly believes that every young person holds a promising future when provided with the right guidance, investment, and unwavering belief in their potential. 


 Drawing from the principles of Ubuntu, Esther's strong organizational skill set and collaborative nature enable her to thrive in environments that prioritize collective well-being. She finds joy in connecting with new individuals and recognizes the importance of community and interdependence in supporting the growth of youth. 


 In 2021, Esther earned her Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, with a Minor in Sociology from the University of Washington Tacoma. This educational foundation equips her with a deep understanding of societal structures and the interconnectedness of individuals within the community. 


Embracing the spirit of Ubuntu in all endeavors, Esther dedicates her free time to exploring new cultures and cuisines, celebrating diversity, and embracing the richness of human experiences. 

Additionally, she actively volunteers for local youth organizations, driven by the Ubuntu concept that "I am because we are." By incorporating the philosophy of Ubuntu into her role as a Program Manager, Esther is committed to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where every young individual is valued and supported in realizing their potential.

Esther Nzabanita

Program Manager

Sean Puno_headshot.jpg

Sean Puno

Puno is an award-winning designer who has mastered the art of storytelling through various digital mediums. With a Master of Arts in Media Producing and a Bachelor's degree in Film, she combines his creativity with a deep understanding of marketing strategies. Puno recognizes the importance of SEO, social media growth, and creating engaging content to connect with audiences effectively.


His work extends worldwide, covering a diverse range of fields such as entertainment, promotional content, education, art, and community support. By fostering strong relationships with industry professionals, she collaborates on creative digital design projects for clients in both the private and public sectors. As the Cocreative Culture Vice Chair with an Ubuntu perspective, Puno brings his passion for fostering unity and collaboration to the organization.


Puno's dedication to education is evident through his involvement as an educator in special education and high school skill centers. She has also established a two-year Associates degree program in Multimedia Design at a college level, providing students with valuable career opportunities. With a focus on innovative technology and interactive experiences, Puno creates robust learning environments that facilitate dialogues between students and industry professionals. This approach not only nurtures talent but also opens up career pathways and opportunities for both students and industry professionals.


In line with the UBUNTU philosophy, Puno's skills as a designer and educator, combined with his commitment to collaboration and community support, make his a valuable asset as the Cocreative Culture Vice Chair. His ability to tell compelling stories through digital mediums, build relationships, and foster learning environments aligns perfectly with the organization's mission and the UBUNTU lens through which it operates.

Sean Puno


Anne P Naremaji


Anne P Naremadji, a dedicated Cocreative Culture youth advocate, originates from Douala, Cameroon. Currently a Freshman studying Pre-Nursing, she possesses a fervent passion for empowering and supporting young people on their journey towards improved health and well-being. 


Through her impactful work with cocreative culture, Anne envisions a world that places the voices and experiences of youth at the forefront. She firmly believes that every young individual deserves equal opportunities to flourish and thrive. Guided by the spirit of Ubuntu, she embraces the interconnectedness we share as a community - recognizing that her own existence is intertwined with the collective.


Anne understands that to bring about the change we desire, we must actively contribute and step forward as agents of transformation. With Ubuntu as her guiding principle, she is committed to being the change she wishes to see in the world, fostering an environment where young people are heard, valued, and empowered to create a more equitable and just society for all.

Anne P Naremadji

Youth Navigator & advocate


Ehler Win

Ehler is a proud graduate of the University of Washington, holding a degree in Global Health and a minor in International Studies. She is deeply passionate about using her skills and knowledge to support her community through various volunteer events and advocacy projects. Having been a resident of Tukwila for the past thirteen years and attending the Tukwila school district from elementary through high school, Ehler has firsthand experience living and thriving in a diverse school district and community. This has given her a profound understanding of the importance of living harmoniously in a multicultural environment.


In addition to her academic and community endeavors, Ehler plays a significant role in her Karen ethnic community as a youth leader for the youth ministry. She takes charge of coordinating church and cultural events, while also serving as an informal mentor to young individuals seeking guidance on their post-secondary education journeys. Her compassionate and genuine nature has earned her recognition as a compassionate young leader who always strives for the best interests of others.


As a proud refugee and resident of Tukwila, Ehler brings a unique perspective to her role as a Cocreative Culture Treasury and Finance Director, with a strong Ubuntu lens that guides her actions and decisions. Furthermore, her fluency in Karen, English, and proficiency in Burmese allows her to effectively engage and connect with diverse cultural and linguistic communities. This skill greatly enhances her ability to facilitate people-centered conversations around community planning, ensuring that everyone's voices are heard and included in the process. In her roles, Ehler exemplifies a commitment to creating inclusive and equitable spaces for all individuals, furthering the mission and values of Cocreative Culture through the notion of Ubuntu.

Ehler Win

Board Treasure 


Issah Agyeman

Issah Agyeman is an American Ghanaian who currently works as a Cocreative Community Navigator program director. He has transitioned from being involved in a gang to becoming a philanthropist. He is the proud founder of the Seattle Afrikan Premier League, the first black/African soccer league in Washington state. Additionally, he serves as a high school varsity/JV soccer coach at both Thomas Jefferson High School and Lake Washington High School. Issah is also the founder of ASF, the African Sport Federation, which organizes a yearly event bringing African teams from various countries to compete in a two-week soccer tournament. This event holds a special place in his heart.


For over a decade, Issah has been dedicated to working with young people. He recognizes that as a former gang member with ties to the streets, he has taken a lot from his community. In order to make amends, he has created these programs to prevent youth from following his path towards street life. However, Issah emphasizes that it will require the efforts of everyone in the community - parents, mentors, community leaders, politicians, and especially more school programs and mentors - to shape a brighter future for the younger generation and reduce the need for detention and juvenile centers

Issah Agyeman

Community Navigator program director

Grady Mukanya

Grady Mukanya.JPG

Grady Mukanya, a beacon of hope in the entertainment industry, is a dedicated music mentor, accomplished photographer, and innovative content creator based in Seattle-Tacoma. With a rich background in multimedia and a deep understanding of the transformative power of music, Grady uses his diverse skill set to guide young talents away from the streets and towards a path of creativity and self-expression.

As a music mentor, Grady has an impressive track record of nurturing emerging artists. His unwavering commitment to fostering talent and inspiring creativity has earned him recognition as an alumnus of The Residency Seattle, a prestigious program dedicated to nurturing up-and-coming artists. Grady's approach goes beyond teaching music production; he instills in his mentees the belief that music can be a powerful tool for personal growth and positive change.

In addition to his passion for music, Grady is a skilled photographer who uses his lens to capture the beauty of life beyond the streets. His photography often reflects his unique perspective on the world and serves as a source of inspiration for those seeking a way out of trouble.

As a content creator, Grady uses storytelling to share powerful narratives of transformation and resilience, creating a positive impact across various platforms. His dedication to his craft and his mission to inspire others set him apart as a dynamic and influential figure within the creative community.

Currently, Grady is working on several exciting projects, collaborating with a host of prodigious artists. With his talent, passion, and relentless drive, Grady Mukanya continues to redefine boundaries and inspire others in the realm of music and entertainment. His work serves as a testament to the power of music as a tool for change, providing a beacon of hope for those seeking to escape the streets and trouble.

Grady Mukanya

Mentor & Artist

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