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Cocreative Culture exists to eradicate the current school to prison pipeline system in the US by improving social, economic and environmental conditions for young people from historically marginalized backgrounds through our holistic approaches.

To help create a world where young people feel empowered to create their best futures.

Our Values

At Cocreative Culture, we are committed to embody

  • A culture of shared humanity - recognizing that our humanity’s wellbeing is interconnected.

  • We are committed to embody the Spirit of Ubuntu what helps me helps you, what hurts you hurts me.

  • Diversity and Inclusion - We believe in embracing diversity and promoting inclusion to ensure that everyone is valued, respected, and heard.

  • Young people-led solutions and program planning

  • Cross-sector and cross generational collaboration

  • Mutual respect

  • Young people as experts to design, plan and execute programs and services that work for them

  • We are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment that fosters positive change and empowers young people to become agents of change in their communities.

  • Young people need to be treated equal on issues that affect them (Nothing done for young people without young people)

  • Ending the system of ageism

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because we are

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